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RDS has a wealth of experience in developing technical solutions for your research problems.

Astronomical Pipelines

Ensuring complex software is maintainable, efficient and redeployable.

Instrument Control

Ensuring complex software is maintainable, efficient and redeployable.

Data Storage & Hosting

File syncing and storage services provide seamless access to all your data

Web & Mobile App Development

Functional and customisable web development solutions for research data discovery.


Web Presence

Modern, clean, fast websites to showcase your research.

Data Analytics

Need an analvtics platform for your data? We can help.

Software Development

With expertise in many languages and paradigms, we create software that’s built to last.

UX/UI Design

In order for your users to interact successfully with your data or app, you’ll need to consider not only the interface, but how each type of user navigates the software to achieve their specific goal. 

Our designers can help you identify new opportunities to create better user experiences, ensuring that the end-to-end journey with your data or research tool meets the desired outcomes.

If you are struggling with user engagement, complex interfaces and experience design, we can help.


Data and software architecture, DevOps advice, web design? We can help guide your team.

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